Friday, May 20, 2011

The End of Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is May 21st, 2011.  The end of the world according to some.  The beginning of a marriage according to a friend.

I do not even want to pretend an interest in arguing Biblical scripture and prophesy on the End Times and Armageddon.  I know a little, but concede my novice knowledge compared to many scholars of religion.

What I did start to ponder on this evening was that if tomorrow truly was the end of the world as we know it, what exactly would that mean?  In my serious frame of mind, I think I would be joyous! I'm a Christian, so there would be exhilaration that what I believed finally came true.  I'm in trouble if Muhammad is the true answer.  I suspect relief might fill my thoughts as it registered that I no longer had to look around with disappointment at the state of humanity.  Maybe this is pessimistic, and I also know there are many positive, loving people in our country, but lately I am saddened by a lack of compassion and respect in our world.

I know that I also would feel regret from lost time not spent with family, or possibly lost opportunities at earthly experiences I wished I had done; sort of a bucket list that never got checked.  When I think of those lines still open on my To Do before I die List, most are not governed by my job, or bills, or cleaning house which is exactly where I spend the majority off time.  A glaring revelation that I choose to spend my most precious commodity (time) on not so worthy causes.  Now, my family needs to eat, and I"m not advocating living in a Hoarders arrangement, but truthfully it does not hurt to reflect on my choices of the size of the slice in my pie chart of time.

On the less serious note...if there were no tomorrow, what would procrastinators do?

Blessings to you on the 21st, and see you on the 22nd.


  1. Like you, the hoopla over tomorrow has made me take stock. I fully believe that we'll still be here on Sunday--and in October, too--but even if there is no truth to any of the craziness, the fact remains that one day, each and every one of us will be gone from this realm. Whether we go individually or as a collective group, our days here are numbered...and precious.

    Nice post! :O)

  2. I wonder what Harold Camping is saying today now that the May 21 Judgment Day has passed and as it it turned out, was not the day of Rapture? I'm still hanging with the original idea that "no man knoweth the hour", however , in a way Camping prompted the world to at least think on the topic of being 'Rapture Ready', just as you have here. I, too, feel a saddening when I look around at humanity and while there are people and things in this world that I cling too, I'm not fretting in the least the Day the Lord Returns ♥

    Enjoyed your post. peace

  3. Reading your words made me realize how happy I am the Bethie started this group. You and I share a lot of feelings and thoughts. I'm very happy to meet you. Great write!!