Friday, October 7, 2011

Teeter Totter---Finding the balance

I used to love riding the teeter totter on the playground.  Granted, the proportion of fun directly related to the size of my co-totterer and their desire to play at the same speed as my expectation.  Sometimes it was fun to go just as fast as two silly girls could jump, but other times the process of finding perfect equilibrium and balance between the two of us proved a more significant challenge.  It required thought and teamwork.

Isn't that funny how life often mimics this same pattern.  Sometimes it is fun to simply chase through life as fast as you can with no regard to tomorrow or even the next minute.  A person devoting all their time to school, or their job, or even their church.  But usually a time comes when there develops another priority that gains in value and later requires a balance, such as a significant relationship, a child or a friend in need. Finding the true balance is the difficult part.  Ask any working parent how hard it is to provide for their family while making sure each child feels love and importance within the family.  It's a daily investment and choice.

Finding balance is everywhere.  I think my greatest struggle comes with my eating habits.  I can either eat very little in strict compliance and work out like crazy, or snack on the ice cream while laying around watching a movie.  I know that the ultimate success occurs when I eat and exercise with balance, instead of riding the pendulum from starvation to gluttony, back and forth, back and forth, sometimes just as fast as the teeter totter in warp speed mode.

I think most people today fill many roles throughout their 24 hours around the sun. mother, father, daughter, son, sibling, coworker, friend, boss, neighbor, member, etc.  I hate it when I feel as though I've performed many jobs throughout the day, filled several roles, and none completed in a way that allowed me to feel proud.  I feel sometimes like I merely half-ass do everything simply to reach the "end of the daily list". And I know when my soul feels this way, I'm searching for balance, and not yet finding it.